"Orient el Hob" - 2018

5th Edition- International Belly Dance festival in Spain

"Orient el Hob" - "Oriental Love"
3 days in a row - 19,20 and 21 of October will have the pleasure to present amazing dance shows with the Oriental Dance Art Masters we have invited - our guest-stars, Worrld show with our national and international guest-performers, also international competition at a very high level with marvellous prizes, fashion shows with costumes by  Mimi Fashion

Enjoy our  performances, if you are a fan!

Attend our  workshops with internationally famous teachers if you are a dancer - professional, amateur or beginner!

Visit our  bazar with authentic oriental stuff!
For more details and information about the Oriental dance visit the website :  www.mimi-bellydance.com

Organizer of the event

Mimi Sokolova

Mimi is one of the first performers of oriental dances in Bulgaria. Our big oriental dancer and choreographer Maria Birtcoeva was her idol at the time. Mimi visited Maria Birtcoeva's lessons since she was the first and only teacher then.

Mimi is inspired by this magic dance from an early age.